We Qualified for the #99Liga Regulation

Mon 30th Mar 2020 - 12:36pm Archive

After a convincing 2-0 with the respective scores of 16-11 on NOXsports Academy's map pick Inferno and a 16-3 on our Map Overpass, we end the #99Liga DIV4.39 in the first place, meaning that we will have a chance to climb towards the DIV3 in the relegation that takes place between the 18th and 19th of April this year. When asked about the regular part of the season that's behind the team and the upcoming relegation, LenTyr gave us these insights:

"I am happy and proud of the team that we have claimed the first place in our division. It was a very successful season for us with only one lost map and 5 clean sweeps. As for the future, we will try to improve our communication and bring it to a higher level. We will also try to further improve our playing style with a more dynamic approach and even more solid executes. I am of course excited because it is my first relegation and I have no idea what to expect, whether the opponents are strong or weak. In the league you had a pretty fast idea of the competitors and could prepare well, this will not be the case in the relegation. Therefore we must be prepared to make changes quickly."

We've shown the world that this isn't just some weird esports project like most others are - we are here to stay and currently, we are doing exactly that. Integrity, fair play and passion is what leads this project, and we are damn proud of that. Our record of 11/1 is pretty impressive, only losing a single map against the division second ShinskyBlue in a 1-1 tie, which you can rewatch in full here or as a highlight video below.

We'd like to thank everyone involved, but especially the players for stepping up immensely and working their asses off - Thank you ShaXe, LenTyr, Cfight, Kiro and Pole - without you it wouldn't be possible! We'd also like to thank everyone who watched us at Twitch.TV/valkyriago, especially for the last two games where we constantly had above ten viewers. If you want to keep supporting this project, feel free to follow us on Twitter, as well as to join our VYFriends steamgroup and to sub to our channel!