It's time for a LEVEL UP

Wed 15th Apr 2020 - 12:00pm Archive

After ending the regular #99Liga season 14 with a convincing 11-1, we're now heading towards the relegation that would grant us a spot in the DIV3 of the 15th season of the #99Liga, marking a LEVEL UP for Valkyria! We'll fight our way through the upper and potentially lower bracket this Saturday and Sunday on Twitch.TV/Valkyriago, where we will show you the entire action! To get you hyped up for it, ShaXe created the teaser above. Thank you, ShaXe!

The Team has prepared well with an online-bootcamp and just heightened commitment overall, restructuring the practice process and zeroing in on the price that is the call-up to DIV3! LenTyr was nice enough to chime in again and told us:

"After a one week break to take a new look at the game and get hyped, we prepared each map in our map pool again to correct our shortcomings on these. We feel very confident in our preparation and hope to see it on Saturday. It will be a challenge to stay properly focused after so many games in a row." and when asked if that will be a problem he replied: "That's to be seen. The universal solution is a cold beer."

99Damage has yet to announce the actual times of the games, but if you don't want to miss a thing, be sure to follow us on Twitter!