Sun 19th Apr 2020 - 7:15pm Archive

It has happened, after 5 Matches and overall 7 maps, Valkyria has made it into the DIV3 of the #99Liga! This means that next season, our team will fight tooth and nail against other great teams to decide who's the best and to get a shot at the DIV 2-3 relegation, looking to further climb the ranks! You can find the full vods here for the first day and here for the second day, reliving the action that is the relegation! At the end of the two-day odyssey, we beat Babaflash 2-1 in the final BO3 to take what is now ours! 

Give the proud and great players a follow, including ShaXe, Kiro, Pole, Cfight and LenTyr! They fought great and showed a fierce fighting spirit! We sat down with ShaXe and he gave us a small interview that you can find below, as well as the Day 1 Highlight video made by ShaXe!

How did this relegation feel?

"All in all we made a lot of mistakes but the individual performance of every single member was there, which made it feel good. Overall, as a team, we were there and it showed, compared to practice games. If we lost, we lost as a team and not through singular mistakes by single players. The team was much more hyped, and everyone seemed to be more into it and to give it all, which is something different than just playing in the season. It's completely different and not comparable!"

You had one loss in the relegation, what went on inside the team at that moment?

"In the first game, we were happy to win Nuke. Inferno, however, was our worst map with some big gaps from our side, so we could just tell each other that we'll avoid inferno and play more confidently the rest of the relegation."

How does the currently building VYarmy feel, as we've had a peak of 41 viewers for the relegation?

"Feels honestly great to have support behind our backs and to know that people are there for us, we also know that our friends are supporting as and it helps to see that our hard work pays off in a way."

How do you see the chances for the next season?

"Extremely good, especially since you could see how players are in the relegation compared to just practice matches and other 'normal' games. Poles AWP was just insane the final series! DIV3 is a new environment and I think the level will be more fitting for us and we'll find more challenges compared to DIV4."

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