Welcome Valkyria Academy!

Sun 10th May 2020 - 12:52pm Archive

After looking for the right players for some time now, we've finalised our first Valkyria Academy roster consisting of the IGL KischuF, rifler TheKings449 and Kaito, AWPer SilentForest and entry MtK. Meet them more in-depth here!

We've tried out a few players, however, every one of these players has a justified reason for being invited to play for us. Be it the willingness to play disciplined, bringing a positive mood or having played under similar systems before, every single player has a set of pre-existing characteristics that Valkyria is confident in building something on top of it. While not all players are currently at their peak mechanical skill level, skill is easily trained and Valkyria will do its best to provide the players with everything they need - a plan, motivation, talks, experienced people in supporting positions - so that they'll thrive completely raised in the Valkyria ecosystem, void of greed and unnecessary stress.

Valkyrie, the founder of Valkyria, was a big part of scouting the talent and providing help in their first steps towards becoming a team. Here's what he had to say:

"It is easy to be ok at this game mechanically - what is hard, though, is finding out and sticking with what works and rising above your psychological insecurities. We're here to provide the players with what they need and are willing to give them time. We'll listen and also tell them what we think, as it should be in a family, and are willing to put in the hours that the academy team is also willing to put in. I'll always have an open ear for their concerns and dedicate the necessary time to make this thing work."

KischuF, the current IGL, is still looking for ways to help everyone play to his fullest potential, and he was willing to let us know a bit more:

"I found out about Valkyria AC through Pole who is playing for the main team of Valkyria. When I was playing the first tryout games/scrims with the members of the Academy team I wasn't sure if it makes sense to create a team with such high individual experience gaps. But after some more scrimming and talking I realised what potential the whole squad has as a team. Everyone is motivated to improve with this lineup and to also improve their very own individual skills. Our first goal is to reach the 4th Division through the Starter DIV in the 99Damage league which starts in 2 weeks. I'm pretty confident and motivated to grind with this lineup and I'm excited about how the Future of VY Academy might look like."

We're excited to see where this journey goes and we'll follow Valkyria academy with great interest and we'll cover their path for you. To stay up to date, follow us here on twitter! If you want, you can support us by joining our Valkyria Friends steamgroup, too, we'd appreciate it greatly!