Valkyria starts into a new season

Sun 31st May 2020 - 1:17pm Archive

With Valkyria Academy playing against Kırık Parmak this Monday, we're also looking forward to Valkyria Main who will face off against AYB ESPORTS Female next Friday at 6 PM CEST. It will be a fresh start into a new season for Valkyria and even a maiden voyage for the vessel that is the Academy team. The announcement of the new season by 99Damage came a bit surprising, which is why both teams aren't sure they are fully prepared to their fullest satisfaction yet, however, we strongly believe in both teams and their systems as well as their willingness to fight tooth and nail for a #VYctory! Both games will be broadcasted live at Twitch.TV/ValkyriaGo.

Fact sheet:

Valkyria Academy vs Kırık Parmak
6 PM CEST this Monday at Twitch.TV/ValkyriaGo

Valkyria Main vs AYB ESPORTS FE
7 PM CEST this Friday at Twitch.TV/ValkyriaGo

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