Valkyrias first #VYctory in DIV3

Sun 7th Jun 2020 - 6:08pm Archive

This week, we witnessed two games of Valkyria, one of Valkyria Academy and one of Valkyria Main. Valkyria Academy played against Kırık Parmak last Monday, sadly losing 2-0 in their first #99Liga Starter showing. However, we saw great potential for a roster that only played together for a month and we talked to the boys to hear great analysis of their loss and the will to continue on their Valkyria journey to become the best they can be.

Watch a quick recap of that match here:

Valkyria Main, however, quickly secured a convincing 2-0 #VYctory, only losing five rounds against AYB ESPORTS Female, showing great all-round CS with insane teamplay and impeccable individual performances, beating AYB ESPORTS Female on Valkyrias own Overpass, and their Nuke pick.

Afterwards, we even caught an interview with Kiro, and all of the match as well as that interview you can see here, in the full VOD.


ShaXe was nice enough to let us ask him a few questions, to which he replied as follows:

"We felt pretty comfortable and were hyped to play again and to prove why we play together as a team. With a lot of problems right before the season, this is especially rewarding.
First of all, we did not know what we could expect out of AYB Esports Female. Regarding the knowledge that they just recently formed we knew that they would not be at their best or the best team from the group. However, we showed a strong mentality throughout the game and did not play too loose. This performance is very promising and important for the upcoming games of the season. We have recognized some mistakes from the game and we will be working on eliminating these mistakes in the upcoming matches. Thanks to everyone who is following our matches and our progress. Every supporter/viewer means a lot to us. #VYCTORY!"