AYB ESPORTS Fe is done - Justxaim will be next!

Sat 13th Jun 2020 - 1:01pm Archive

Valkyria has beaten AYB Fe 2-0, the highlights of which you can find embedded below, and is now looking forward to facing off against Justxaim in their next game, wanting to extend their early-season success with another 2-0 potentially. As always, we need you to tune in to help us gain the strength we need to win convincingly and to gain another #VYctory. Like always, the game will be broadcasted live at Twitch.TV/ValkyriaGo this Monday at 7 PM CEST, casted for your enjoyment by Valkyrie and Fours.

Valkyria vs AYB Female highlight video by ShaXe

We asked Cfight for a few words and he provided this look at the upcoming match for us:

"I expect a way harder fight from Justxaim than from AYB Female, which did not really feel like a div 3 match. We hope to still take the 2-0 next game, too, all things considered. However, we aren't really trying to change anything for Justxaim, we are trying focus on the mistakes we made in the past and to improve our strats and team play as far as we can in the time given.
Thanks for all the support! Every follower and every viewer on the stream keeps our motivation high, which is helping a lot mentally."

Fact sheet:

Valkyria Main vs Justxaim
7 PM CEST this Monday at Twitch.TV/ValkyriaGo

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