We finish the match against Playing Ducks Academy 1-1

Tue 16th Jun 2020 - 11:15am Archive

Monday, the 15th of June Valkyria faced off against Playing Ducks Academy, Justxaim at the time, and in this article, you'll find the full broadcast with Fours casting the entire match for you in german, a highlight video edited by ShaXe and a few words about the match.

We had trouble getting into the first map, which was played out on Train, our own map pick. Although we were able to get aggressive in Popdog and co., we often left Ivy open and unattended or Playing Ducks Academy simply pushed through our weak defence. It took us too long to get into the map, causing us to lose this one. However, by the second map, we had woken up and were able to crawl our way back into the match when we brought the fight to Playing Ducks Academy and finally got a hard-fought #VYctory with a score of 16-14 on Dust 2!

Click here to view the full VOD of the match!

was kind enough to let us ask him some questions he tried to answer a few days after the match:

"I think our biggest mistake was to take the scrim before the game too lightly, so we weren't at 100% at the beginning. That's what cost us the first map. Afterwards, we reset our mindset back and tried to not bother with the first map loss. For us, it only counted to win the second map at that point.
Thanks for everyone who is supporting us in the twitch chat and elsewhere. Hope we can give you another relegation-placement."

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