Watch: Valkyria vs BLUEJAYS Academy

Tue 23rd Jun 2020 - 10:04am Archive

Our last match went 1-1, where we traded maps with Playing Ducks Academy evenly, making us feel rather unsatisfied with the result, already working on fixing the issues that have caused the tie. LenTyr put it this way: "I think our biggest mistake was to take the scrim before the game too lightly, so we weren't at 100% at the beginning.". However, tomorrow will come a new opportunity for our boys in purple to show us what they're made of, as we're facing off against BLUEJAYS Academy next!

With a bit more than a week between the two games, Valkyria feels confident in the fact that they can bring their A-Game to BLUEJAYS Academy, looking to make it 5-1 in the league standing, allowing us to further the early-lead we grabbed at the beginning of the season. As always, you'll be able to catch the action live at, but more on that later.

Valkyrie, the owner of Valkyria, was willing to put into words how the boys feel and how he sees their current situation, as they're about to face-off against BLUEJAYS Academy:

"I am in constant contact with our players and they're ceaselessly figuring out new ways to get ahead and trying new things out to give their opponents a fresh pack of tactics and plays to figure out every game. Whenever I coach them in my spare time, they're looking to seriously improve with every scrim, making it their mission to become a better version of Valkyria every practice, which is why I am confident looking forward for the entire season, but also for the upcoming match.

While the must-have goal of the team currently only is keeping their DIV3 spot, after licking blood in the first two matches they're also open to the idea of going the whole nine-yards, looking to place in the top two to make it to the DIV2-3 Relegation, however, I think we need to focus on the now, and the players are also just doing that right now, focusing on every single game. I think it will be an exciting matchup!"

As you can read, Valkyria is prepared to fight for their spot, but also willing to go above and beyond and give everything they have to reach as far as they can in their first season in the DIV3. It's safe to say that they need you to support them live on our twitch no matter what, where you will be able to cheer them on as they face BLUEJAYS Academy!

Fact sheet:

Valkyria Main vs BLUEJAYS Academy
7:30 PM CEST this Wednesday at Twitch.TV/ValkyriaGo

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