Watch: Valkyria vs SFD-Gaming

Sat 4th Jul 2020 - 7:29pm Archive

Tomorrow, we'll play our fourth DIV3 #99Liga match, this time against SFD-Gaming! This will be our fourth match in the DIV3 of the #99Liga season 15!

After we had to concede our last match 0-2 against BLUEJAYS Academy we started preparation for the next match, this time against SFD-Gaming. We took the loss very seriously and we kept believing in our system, causing us to dive into the demos of the maps lost and to look forward at the same time, looking for ways to get ahead of our competition again. As always, you can find the stream of the match at Twitch.TV/ValkyriaGo! Now, a few more words from inside the team.

Valkyrie, now the coach of Valkyria, has said this about the upcoming match:

"Seeing the practice the team puts in, I am confident that we'll have a chance to soon be back contesting for the top spot of the league again. The players are all confident in themselves and have put in the work without anyone needing to push them to do it; they just want it!

As always, we appreciate everyone who has turned into the stream in the past and we definitely need your support this time, too! Please tune in to cheer for us!"

You heard it from Valkyrie that we need you to turn up and support us! Sadly, we can only give you a german stream this time, as our English caster is sadly not able to stream this match for us.

Fact sheet:

Valkyria vs SFD-Gaming
6:30 PM CEST today at Twitch.TV/ValkyriaGo

We need you to support us live! If you want, you can also follow us on Twitter to never miss a thing from Valkyria again, too!