Watch: Valkyria vs GWG

Fri 10th Jul 2020 - 11:47am Archive

This Sunday at 6:30 PM CEST we'll play our fifth DIV3 #99Liga match, this time featuring the match on two channels, the german ValkyriaGO channel and the English Snipezo channel. We need you to tune in to see and support is when we're fighting for our next #VYctory!

After we had to concede the last game 0-2, we feel like it's finally time to break the curse and get better results this time! As we stand 3-5 on position 6 in the current standing as of the 10th of July, we want to climb the league standings again! Our test for this will be GWG ("gucken was geht") this Sunday!

To give you an idea of how the team is currently working and what they're looking at, we sat down with Pole and he gave us the following insight about the current losing streak and their map pool:

"Even though we're in a bit of a losing streak, I'm still feeling pretty normal, nothing really changed. We still try to keep our heads up and are looking forward to our next enemies. We like the current map pool and I try to establish myself in every map properly as the AWPer, and sometimes if I can't make myself perform good I try to support my mates. It's not like the AWPer must be the one it's all about in the team and how everyone is playing on a particular map.

I really hope everyone supporting us is doing well and I'm looking forward to play some nice matches for you guys. Keep it up!"

As always, we do need the support, which is why we're proud that we can now offer you an English stream, as the language barrier shall be a barrier no more.

Fact sheet:

Valkyria Main vs GWG
6:30 PM CEST this Sunday at Twitch.TV/ValkyriaGo in German
or at Twitch.TV/snipezo_xd in English

We need you to support us live! If you want, you can also follow us on Twitter to never miss a thing from Valkyria again, too!