Major Announcement

Tue 8th Sep 2020 - 11:45am Archive

Valkyria has to tell you about what is currently going on inside our org, as we've received word from ShaXe that he'll be stepping down from playing CS:GO competitively in the foreseeable future as we're trying hard to get together a full roster for the current season of #99Liga. As we've recently acquired kR, Sovaxx and Lawk from ex-ShinskyBlue to keep a full roster with LenTyr retiring, Pole dropping out due to personal reasons and Cfight changing ship to SFD-Gaming, we were already restructuring the insides of the team to better fit the new players. Now, with ShaXe leaving, the loss of a great IGL further complicated things.

After talking to the players and trying some things out, we added Valkyrie back into the active roster to try to keep the league spot for the other four players, which are kR, Sovaxx, Lawk and Kiro. As Valkyrie was a great influence on ShaXes IGL style, we felt like adding him would add the least stress to an already stressful journey. The past two weeks, the team has been scrimming and practising a lot and have shown that they truly want to keep the DIV3 spot.

However, since Valkyrie is not interested in playing CS:GO any longer than this season, we're looking for a reliable and versatile IGL willing to play and lead on the DIV3 level. We are trying to win as many maps as possible as soon as possible to guarantee us DIV3 participation for next season sooner rather than later, which would allow us to switch out IGLs backstage as the league still plays out, giving the five players enough time to switch to a new system before we enter the next season. If you are interested, write an application with all necessary information, such as prior experience and how you lead, to

We're looking forward to this season, as we can be excited to see how our current roster fares in the #99Liga, as ShaXe has said that he'll try to stream the games as a caster in the foreseeable future. This Wednesday, we're playing against VALIANT at 6:30 PM CEST, streamed live at Twitch.TV/ValkyriaGO.