Valkyria is currently working on launching high-quality, no-bs servers in Europe. You'll be guaranteed only quality-of-life increasing plugins like instant-plant in retakes instead of unpleasant and loud quake sounds or skins and effects. We'll make sure to keep your disk clean and your sanity intact on responsive 128 tick servers. We're working on expanding our server list.

Also, join our steamgroup where we'll grant VIP and exclusive access to friend-only servers in the future!

Valkyria Retake 1 GER
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Relevant features: Instaplant  Instadefuse  AFK Manager  Anti-Flood  No HTML  No intrusive Ads  Client Preferences Ranks
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Valkyria 1v1 Arena 1 GER
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Relevant features: AFK Manager  Anti-Flood  No HTML  No intrusive Ads  Client Preferences Ranks Popular, symmetric maps
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