Valkyria Main


Valkyria Main is a well-balanced squad of which I know four players for quite some time now - and all of them have their abilities and understand CS deeper than anyone I know that plays on the DIV3 Level, and I'm sure we'll reach DIV2 eventually!

Here you'll get to meet them all!


LenTyr is the former IGL and currently a lurk-style player of Valkyria and has a really smart, think-ahead playstyle, with which he can be a backbone to our teams' structure. He can be very vocal when he thinks the team isn't moving in the right direction and thinks outside of the box while not sacrificing individual skill or aim.

LenTyr had a few stops before ending with Valkyria:

-He started early in the game Blackshot with a clan called "GamerZ" from 2008 to around 2010
-Then LenTyr continued his esports journey in League of Legends with two nameless teams
-Afterwards, he jumped ship to CS:GO by joining Rapidtygerz in 2016
-In 2017 he joined Team Guardians, where he met most of the other players currently in Valkyria
-Towards the end of 2019, the 5-man roster playing for Valkyria jumped ship for a better environment


ShaXe is the current IGL of Valkyria and a well rounded Rifler as well as secondary AWPer for our team. He is very passionate and honest, which is why we will always be at the forefront in a debriefing after a scrim to talk about what has gone wrong. With his passion, he climbed the ranks to be one of the most reliable AWPers we've ever seen, hitting insane shots on the regular without developing a habit of over-flicking on easier targets. 

How he made his way to Valkyria:

-He first dabbled in a few lower-level teams that often proved inefficient and not passionate in nature
-Around 2016 he joined a low-skill team called Hysteria, although low-skill, showed him a few basics of team play (e.g. Antiflash) which helped him heighten his skill ceiling
-Soon enough joined Crease Gaming and failed to string together too many wins in his first 99Damage season
-Joined Team Guardians around 2018 to help them rise from Div5 to Div4
-After a bit of typical CS-team turbulence, he went in out of IGLing Team Guardians
-In 2019 he jumped ship, together with the full 5-man roster, to Valkyria


Pole is the 20-year-old AWPer of Valkyria that showed great promise as an individual and is currently still developing as a part of the Valkyria team, and although his performance is up-and-down at the moment, Valkyria and the players believe in him as he's constantly evolving and finding new ways to develop as a player. His pure skill is undeniable and his willingness to sacrifice for the team is a highly appreciated quality.

Here's how Pole found his way to us:

-Started playing CS at 12
-Was 17-18 years old when he started to take CS more seriously
-Joined his first team at around the same time
-Switched teams every few months, as is tradition in lower-level CS
-Arrived in the Team Guardians active line-up in 2019
-Made the switch to Valkyria with the active line-up


Cfight is a really strong individual player that was born in the PUGs and fully adapted to the fast-paced, quick-thinking chaotic thing that is bare-fist CS in those chaotic, aim-heavy matches. Quickly gaining respect from everyone involved with Valkyria with his insane aim and willingness to learn and listen to others, he is one of the, if not the, star player of Valkyria.

Cfight is similar to Fours and Kiro, already really experienced in the thing that is CS:

-Cfight started to play CS when he was six
-Started his journey in CS:GO specifically in 2014
-Started in a team in the Div4 of the 99Damage league
-Joined Team Guardians
-Became an integral part of Valkyria when the entire roster jumped ship


Kiri243 can be quite the powerhouse mechanically, showing his individual prowess when the team starts to slack off with serious entries and some well-rounded support and 2nd-guy-in shenanigans. He is creative, listens well to the calls and can chime-in in close rounds as well. He barely has a bad game and, although he has slowed down a bit, is incredibly reliable.

Kiro and Fours had a very similar path to Valkyria:

-He plays CS since 2009, which means that he started with an age of nine
-Got to know CS:GO in 2012 due to his brother who was playing CS:GO in the early beta stage
-In 2013, Kiri started to play in GSG7, together with Fours, who joined just a bit later
-GSG7 turned into Team Guardians later on
-Around 2016, he enjoyed a Battlefield break, only to return to CS as a stand-in for Team Guardians
-In 2019, Kiri, together with the other four players, joined Valkyria