Valkyria Old Guard


Valkyria Old Guard is a team of five friends, who played together on previous iterations of Valkyria Teams. LenTyr, Cfight, Pole and fours have already proven their worth in the Valkyria main team. With the addition of Kischuf they are now looking to form a new powerhouse with a loose team atmosphere. We are exicted for what they have to bring to the table! #VYCTORY



Kischuf has been pugging for some time now, before taking a break and finally returning amidst the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, showing great individual skill to round out the team.

Here's how Kischuf's path crossed Valkyria's:

-The 20-year-old started playing CS:GO in 2014
-Always took CS seriously since he is an ambitious personality
-Things started to become real when he joined FoX Gaming e.V. in 2017
-After a break of CS, he returned to pugging in 2020
-Got picked out of the 11 applicants for his great attitude and skill for the Academy Team
-After the break up of the Academy Team he now finds himself on the OG Team in 2021


LenTyr is the current IGL of Valkyria OG and has a really smart, think-ahead playstyle. In the Main team he already proved himself to be one of the best supporting players by helping the team out to succeed and eventually reach 99DMG Division 3. He can be very vocal when he thinks the team isn't moving in the right direction and thinks outside of the box while not sacrificing individual skill or aim.

-He started early in the game Blackshot with a clan called "GamerZ" from 2008 to around 2010
-Then LenTyr continued his esports journey in League of Legends with two nameless teams
-Afterwards, he jumped ship to CS:GO by joining Rapidtygerz in 2016
-In 2017 he joined Team Guardians, where he met most of the other players currently in Valkyria
-Towards the end of 2019, the 5-man roster playing for Valkyria jumped ship for a better environment
-In middle of 2020 LenTyr decided to leave the main team due to personal reasons
-In 2021 he announces his come back with the new OG Team


Pole is the 20-year-old AWPer of Valkyria OG that showed great promise as an individual during the rise of the main Team. After taking a break he finds himself back on the OG Team. His pure skill is undeniable and his willingness to sacrifice for the team is a highly appreciated quality.

Here's how Pole found his way to us:

-Started playing CS at 12
-Was 17-18 years old when he started to take CS more seriously
-Joined his first team at around the same time
-Switched teams every few months, as is tradition in lower-level CS
-Arrived in the Team Guardians active line-up in 2019
-Made the switch to Valkyria with the active line-up
-Took a break after the 1st Div 3 Seasons
-Comes back to the OG Team for 2021




Cfight is a really strong individual player that was born in the PUGs and fully adapted to the fast-paced, quick-thinking chaotic thing that is bare-fist CS in those chaotic, aim-heavy matches. Quickly gaining respect from everyone involved with Valkyria with his insane aim and willingness to learn and listen to others, he was one of the star player of the first Valkyria Main Lineup. With the creation of the OG Team Cfight is looking to rekindle his desire for Team CSGO. 

Cfight is similar to Fours, already really experienced in the thing that is CS:

-Cfight started to play CS when he was six
-Started his journey in CS:GO specifically in 2014
-Started in a team in the Div4 of the 99Damage league
-Joined Team Guardians
-Became an integral part of Valkyria when the entire roster jumped ship
-Joined Biersports after the 1st Division 3 Season
-Came back to Valkyria for a loose Team, that now is Valkyria OG




Fours is a strong rifler, who is also great with sniper rifles. During his times with the Main Team fours showed great promise as a player with insane flicks and good team play.  In Valkyria OG fours is looking to refind his form and live out the loose playstyle.

Fours had a similiar path leading to Valkyria as Kiri from the Main Team

-He plays CS since 2010, which means that he started with an age of 10
-Got to know CS:GO in 2013 because of Kiri
-In 2013, he joined his first Orga "GSG7", together with Kiri
-GSG7 turned into Team Guardians later on
-Around 2016 fours took CS:GO more competitively
-In 2019, he joined together with the other four players Valkyria to form the first Valkyria Roster
-In the end of 2019 fours had to take a brake because of private struggles.
-He now finds himself in the 2021 Valkyria OG roster